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Short Ribs (Bone In)

Our bone-in short ribs are cut from the beef chuck and are perfect for slow cooking, braising, or barbecuing. These beautifully marbled ribs are sure to please with their rich, beefy flavor and tender, melt-in-your-mouth texture. Whether you’re making a hearty stew, a savory pot roast, or a succulent BBQ dish, our bone-in short ribs are the ideal choice for creating a delicious and satisfying meal. Sourced from our premium quality beef, these ribs are perfect for those who love to cook and create unforgettable dishes for family and friends. Experience the premium taste and quality of our bone-in short ribs and elevate your home cooking to a whole new level.

Short Ribs (Bone In)

  • Price Per Pound

    Each cut is individually weighed for accuracy. Each package is approx. $23. At checkout, please select Cash on Delivery as your payment method. You will receive an invoice once your order is prepared.

  • Local Delivery

    Edson: Weekly

    Hinton: First Monday of the month

    Jasper: Monthly

    Edmonton: Monthly

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